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"I think Taeil suffers the most because he’s a main vocal. Taeil never did r&b and hip hop before he joined us. He started listening to it right before he joined our group, he tries really hard to improve. He practices when we’re sleeping. When I see him practicing alone I think he looks tired. He has a lot of parts so he records everyday, that must be tough. Even when his throat hurts, he tries his best. He always records well and I thank him for that."


The other day, I asked if anyone was interested in winning this beautiful production DVD, & I got a fair amount of responses. To the wonderful people who responded & to whoever wants to owns this, here’s your chance to win!

Welcome to my Ja-Ja-Ja-Jackpot Giveaway!

Prize: Block B’s production DVD of Jackpot (Japan release)


  • You don’t have to be following me, but it would be nice if you did.
  • Like & reblogged as much as you like.
  • Be kind with spamming.
  • If you liked/reblogged/responded to my earlier post about winning this, that will count as an entry.
  • No giveaway blogs!
  • This is open internationally.
  • Be aware, this is the Japan release; the DVD may not work on your DVD player. This DVD will only play on Region 2 and/or free region.
  • This post must reach 777 notes*
  • You must have your ask box open to contact you if you won.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond. If no response, another winner will be named.

*Since this is a Jackpot giveaway, it would be nice to reach 777 notes. The end of the giveaway will be when we hit that goal. If it happens that this post doesn’t reach that many notes by Christmas, I’ll end it then.

If you have any questions, feel free to click over to my ask box.


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